350 new Trees and a community water system

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Our region is very fertile. You can still see quite a lot of primary rain forests along the creases of the hills, but during the last 80 years, many landowners have poisoned their land to fight weeds and open spaces for cattle.
In Lindalaja, the main Vida Coffee Farm, we do not use pesticides. We are also quite fortunate to have about 6 water sources that create small creeks that join together and form a small river. Four of them surface in the middle of rain forests. Since 2017, we began to plant trees along the creeks to take care and preserve the water ecosystems.
As of today, we have planted more than 350 new trees along the river beds. We have built wire protected areas around them to prevent the cows and horses from eating them. This is a process that implies labour and nourishment for the new trees, they are growing slowly and healthy. We are building awareness and in the future, we are assuring a sustainable water system, healthy and pure.
We are also taking care of the forests and water sources. Two of them have become sanctuaries for meditation and education. No one is allowed to enter there and we have banned chipping wood from the forests.

Photo 2021 by Daniel Lopera showing Esteban Lopera

In 2018, the community of the region expressed the need for a water distribution system. We donated to the Town of Santo Domingo and Vereda El Rosario, a small piece of land to build the purification plant, the reservoir and the distribution network. It has brought the community closer together and has started some very nice conversations, renewed water and forest care awareness.
It is paying off!

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